Personal History Biography: Written, Audio, Video Memoir?

There is something about biography, isn’t there? Our allure with our own activity is apparently barefaced enough. But we are aswell analytical about the lives of others. Added than curious, adventures is one of the bigger categories in publishing and it consumes amaranthine hours of TV and cable broadcasting. From A&E to the History Channel, we can’t assume to get abundant biographies. And, with the new tech-tools attainable to us, claimed and ancestors history biographies are added popular.

Our concern about the lives of others is not something that Humans magazine, cable TV and the paparazzi invented just recently. Plutarch, autograph about 100 years afterwards Christ, bound about 50 claimed history biographies – comparing the lives of acclaimed Greek and Roman identities. Plutarch’s Parallel Lives still ante as one of the greatest feats of biographical autograph of all time; and as able-bodied as getting advised in age-old history courses it still sells by the bags in the accepted bookstores.

Even admitting Plutarch mostly wrote about the Age-old World’s affluent and famous, he knew that the admeasurement of a activity was not the admeasurement of the accomplishments and achievements – but the moral account of that life. And the account of that activity would added acceptable be arise by the claimed details:

“It is not histories I am writing, but lives; and in the a lot of august accomplishments there is not consistently an adumbration of advantage or vice, absolutely a baby affair like a byword or a banter generally makes a greater adumbration of a appearance than battles breadth bags die.” Plutarch Life of Alexander/Life of Julius Caesar

So, congratulations in demography the aboriginal footfall arise creating your own claimed history adventures and abutting a attitude that goes aback bags of years. The acceptable account is that attention your activity adventure has arise a continued way aback Plutarch and parchment. The capital options these canicule awning the accounting memoir, the audio account and the video memoir

Write your memoirs

You can alpha autography your memoirs anon with a pen and an exercise book. It helps to map out some capacity – a archival access (e.g. “grandparents”, “parents”, “growing up”, “school” etc) is generally (but not always) bigger than an access based on capacity (e.g. “family”, “friends”, “challenges” etc. Ask accompany and ancestors for suggestions about capacity or stories; kids in accurate generally accept admired belief which they wish to bottle for their own children.

Some humans alpha with a printed anamnesis book that sets out questions and provides spaces for an answer. The claiming for an ambitious biographer is to just get started with something. Because autograph is self-directed, dabbling is the better crisis in creating a claimed history adventures in words. Autograph can account yourself and is a abundant way to array out thoughts on circuitous capacity (as Samuel Johnson said, “I don’t apperceive what I anticipate till I address it down”). But you should acquisition action too in the acquisitive eyes of your approaching readers. You are accomplishing it added for them than yourself.

Once written, it is a acceptable abstraction to accept a duke accounting account typed. (You can appoint a archetype typist for as low as $1.00 a page.) And, already typed, you can anticipate about accepting your adventures self-published. (“Blurb” and “Lulu” are two reputable, on-line book publishers that acquiesce you to upload your actual from a computer and they book books for as low as $10.00 for a 5″x8″ bendable awning book – with a abounding blush cover.) Already published, accomplish abiding you accumulate your handwritten archetype – your birth will amount it too, assurance me.

Advantages of accounting memoirs: simple, actual and timeless; the minimum of equipment, the best of information; can be printed.

Disadvantages of accounting memoirs: procrastination; autography may be harder to read; can be stilted; not all capacity are abundantly literate.

Voice Almanac your activity story

Some humans audio almanac their claimed history biographies. Added generally though, activity belief are harvested by a about or a acquaintance or even a able over a amount of sessions application questions anticipation out able-bodied in advance. The old adjustment was to use dictaphone machines with those mini cassettes – or an old cassette amateur that one of the kids acclimated to play music on aback in the day. Now you can buy agenda articulation recorders that to the aforementioned job. Often, these recordings are transcribed and, with some editing, can be angry into a accounting account (see above).

The allure of articulation recording over a accounting account is that it captures something “live” of the being – their voice, their accent, their laugh. Listening, you can feel as if you are in the aforementioned room. Accepting listened to an audio recording, you get to apperceive the being in a way that a accounting account does not allow. The allure for the accountable may be that it is beneath plan to acknowledgment questions on audio than to absorb time basic accounting memoirs.

But audio recordings by themselves accept a amount of problems. First, they are opaque. You cannot cast through an audio recording to acquisition the bit you like. As a result, they tend to breach stored in a drawer or an old shoebox. Second, the machines that play a lot of old audio recordings are dematerialization or artlessly stop working. So for these reasons, audio tapes may not the best home for your claimed history biography.

Life belief recorded on band can be edited and adapted to CDs to actual acceptable aftereffect though. First, the audio on the band charge to be digitized (basically, you charge to run a cable from the headphone jack of the band recorder into your computer, again attainable audio alteration software to almanac it to your computer’s harder drive). Again you charge to accept to all the audio and in your audio alteration software you can breach it up into abstracted segments. The abstraction is to anatomy advance for anniversary of the abstracted stories. Again you accompany all those advance into iTunes and accomplish a set of audio CDs that can be played in the car or anesthetized about to be uploaded to iPods (and all the added avant-garde gizmos that so arrange the adolescent generation). You can even affairs iTunes so that no amount which computer you upload the audio advance to, the clue names will arise in the person’s play list.

Advantages of audio memoirs: Reveals personality; easier for the subject; can be angry into advance for iTunes.

Disadvantages of audio memoirs: Requires some ability to upload to a computer to edit; audio generally “locked” into bequest recording devices.

Video memoirs

The a lot of contempo trend in claimed history adventures is the video memoir. It’s alone been in the endure few years that the technology has accomplished a point that makes video adventures applied and affordable. And it is the a lot of agreeable anatomy of adventures of all the options.

Video memoirs are the abutting affair we accept to immortality. On video, you can abduction belief as able-bodied as the personality of the subject. You can accompany in photographs and music and all kinds of added actual to appearance the activity in all its facets. We accept all apparent “A&E” biographies; well, you can actualize those for yourself or a admired one.

You will charge a video camera and a accessory mic and a tripod is a acceptable idea. Also, you charge a computer and some simple (and free) video alteration software to put aggregate in order. There are affluence of websites that accord admonition on how to put all that together. There is absolutely a steeper acquirements ambit for video biography. You charge to apperceive something about video and video alteration – which can be abstruse by earlier association but tends to be about accustomed to the adolescent generation! Already mastered, the video account is the accurate home of the claimed history biography.

Once made, a video account can be anchored on a ancestors website or blog or acquaint to a video hosting account like YouTube and apparent about the country and about the world. Families gluttonous to admit the absorption of their adolescent associates acquisition video adventures a added attainable way to betrayal the kids to a claimed history adventures and to acquaint them to the family’s history – canonizing grandparents already they accept passed.

Video memoirs are an breadth area able advice can accomplish a apple of aberration if you are afraid to taken on the activity for yourself.

Advantages of a video memoir: Captures personality; abutting affair to immortality; can be acquaint to the web and accepted by ancestors about the world.

Disadvantages of a video memoir: Technically the a lot of arduous of all the adventures options; able advice costs money.

Whatever advantage you choose, apperceive that a claimed history adventures activity will be one of the a lot of important tasks you will anytime yield on. And, depending on the advantage you choose, you will accomplish the closet affair we accept to immortality. Many of the lives in Plutarch we alone absolutely apperceive from his biographies. With some planning and a little determination, any one of us can be the Plutarch of our families.